About me…


I am a skilled, diligent, adaptable and motivated professional with long experience in enterprise, entrepreneurship and economic development in London and other European cities. I am able to co-create and implement integrated policies and programmes in response to complex ever-changing contexts. I have strong strategic vision and a talent in successfully developing and delivering multi-faceted and multi-sector projects and partnerships which make a difference.

I pride myself on my ability to work with people from all backgrounds and cultures and make complex issues understood at all levels. I am an excellent communicator and enjoy chairing international meetings and dynamic group facilitation as well as preparing policy briefings and presenting at local and international events.

I am good at working under pressure, meeting tight timetables and have never missed a deadline. I love what I do and would like to help you make a difference to your community.

I am:

  • a volunteer business mentor for the Princes Trust (since 2010)
  • an advocate of gender equality and female entrepreneurship (having run my own company for over 20 years)
  • the proud mother of two beautiful, ambitious and intelligent young women
  • a trainee yoga teacher and dedicated yogi who plays the occasional game of squash
  • an expert multi tasker!

I work with a rich network of companies and associates from across the EU. In the UK these include:

Sally Kneeshaw

Sally is currently Director of Kneeshaw Consulting, and is my former co-Director of Aurora Strategies and Solutions Ltd. A highly skilled consultant, strategist, facilitator and technical writer Sally has a strong and extensive background in public policy and campaigns.