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Alison Partridge

2 February 2017
London, UK

Capital Enterprise Board AwayDay

27 January 2017
IDEALondon, London, UK

Capital Enterprise – Access to Finance – Member Networking Event

19 January 2017
York, UK

URBACT TechTown – Digital Toolkit AwayDay

9 and 10 November 2016
Cesis, Latvia

URBACT TechTown Event on Medium Sized Cities and Tech Talent

24-26 August 2016
Rotterdam, Netherlands

URBACT Summer University – Alison is Policy Lab Manager for Jobs and Skills

27 June 2016
Lille, France

UIA Assessment Panel – Consensus Meeting

9 & 10 May 2016
Paris, France

URBACT Summer University Team Meeting – Alison is Policy Lab Manager for Jobs and Employability

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Aurora, led by Alison Partridge, helps organisations to develop and deliver policies, partnerships and projects which make a difference to the communities they serve.

We cover a wide range of thematic areas and specialise in economic development, jobs and growth, employment and skills, entrepreneurship and innovation.

We can help you to deliver significant impact through our powerful local and international networks and access to competitive intelligence.

We connect:

  • policy with practice
  • strategy with robust delivery plans and resources
  • organisational priorities with funding opportunities
  • local with international
  • people with people

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