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Alison Partridge

13-14 September 2018
Lisbon, Portugal

URBACT City Festival

5-6 September 2018
Barnsley, UK

URBACT TechRevolution – Full Network Meeting

16 August 2018
Schiedam, Netherlands

URBACT TechRevolution – Partner Visit

10-12 July 2018
Bacau, Romania

URBACT TechRevolution – Partner Visit

12 June 2018
Piraeus, Greece

URBACT TechRevolution – Partner Visit

5-7 June 2018
Pardubice, Czech Republic

URBACT Tech Revolution – Partner Visit

23 May 2018
Vilanova, Spain

URBACT Tech Revolution – Partner Visit

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Aurora, led by Alison Partridge, helps organisations to develop and deliver policies, partnerships and projects which make a difference to the communities they serve.

We cover a wide range of thematic areas and specialise in economic development, jobs and growth, employment and skills, entrepreneurship and innovation.

We can help you to deliver significant impact through our powerful local and international networks and access to competitive intelligence.

We connect:

  • policy with practice
  • strategy with robust delivery plans and resources
  • organisational priorities with funding opportunities
  • local with international
  • people with people

Contact us today about your requirements…